white African

Talents: driving stick
Weaknesses: owning a slow car
Anonymous asked: Opinions on the Mitsubishi 3000gt? I'm considering getting it over the MK3 supra! Convince me not to! Give me reasons why I shouldn't buy it over the mk3 please.



Unless you get a VR4, you will regret your purchase every day. Weighs as much as a Targa MK3, understeers like a bitch, the cabin is fucking TINY, and from my experiences, second hand 3000s are super problematic.

Anonymous asked: Hey I'm a young 15 year old car enthusiast but I want to learn how mod cars and everything for when I get my own but I don't know much



you can only do so much without having a car. research DIY techniques on youtube, forums, etc. get a motorcycle if you can and just tinker. i wish i started younger honestly, i would be so much farther ahead than i am now.



homework is dumb. I just want to travel and have cool cars.


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